Meal Plan and Grocery List for Week of January 20th!

Hey everyone! Hope your January Whole30 is going good! At this point you may have found your groove and are over the headaches and icky feeling and just maybe your pants are fitting a little better! We are on a roll and bringing some easy recipes this week!

This week I’m focusing on easy recipes and things the kids requested- like chicken fingers and breakfast for dinner! We’ve got a busy week since my son is back at cross country practice and hubby is working late and that leaves little time for me in the kitchen.

I’m going to prep as much of this as I can this weekend (over the next two days) and I will be showing you all on Instagram what I make and how we store it!

This week let’s all take a moment to pray to God (if you are the praying kind) that we do NOT get the flu! It is full blown at my sons school and I’ve been sanitizing everything and everyone! I legit have my kids kick off their clothes and hop in the shower when they get home but his school currently has 80 kids out. 😳

Yeah, that’s literally my face anytime someone coughs or sneezes or even looks remotely like they feel bad! I have a poor immune system so I try not to go out of the house much during flu season but I know we aren’t even a peak season yet!

Anyways, since hubby does all of our shopping I didn’t have to worry about going out in germ city although I did send him with a butt-load of hand sanitizer to sanitize everything he touched haha!

If you’ve ever wondered about why I do my lists the way I do it, it is because hubby grocery shops. I write out my lists the way the stores are laid out so he doesn’t have to run back and forth and all over the store. In one sweep it’s all done and he loves it and doesn’t mind carrying around a girly grocery list lol!

This week we shopped at Kroger, Aldi and Walmart

What we spent at Kroger: $52.32

What we spent at Aldi: $35.44

What we spent at Walmart: $10.87

What we spent total: $98.63

Below is what we purchased at each store:

Above is what we purchased at Kroger for $52.32

Above is what we purchased at Aldi for $35.44

Above is what we purchased at Walmart for $10.87

Now drumroll…….

Above is our total grocery haul from all 3 stores where we spent a total of $98.63!

We kept it under $100 this week and that makes me so excited!

If you are new here and wondering how we are going to make these meals without meat, what we do it buy meat when it is on sale and gradually over time stock our freezer while still staying under budget. Then that gives us a week like this week where we are super under budget and saved a lot of money!

Now for some close ups:

Leeks for days! I probably only need one of these for my soup so I will need to come up with more ideas for the rest of them. Potatoes (not paleo or keto) for “fries” and possibly for some crispy potatoes with breakfast for dinner. Pick for pork tacos and for breakfast for dinner and coleslaw for pork tacos as well! Onions because I put onions in tons of dishes and never want to run out and ghee for cooking and salsa because we ran out. This is not my normal favorite verse salsa but we are going to give it a shot.

Spaghetti squash for spaghetti night, lemons and artichoke for shrimp night, limes for taco night, apparently my hubby decided we needed jalapeños for taco night as well? 🤨 I don’t do spicy so those are all him! Canned oranges for a fun salad later in the week and Coconut milk because I felt like we needed it. Haha

Summer squash for my “cheese” sauce, burgers for burgers lol, fruit pouches for an emergency for me and mostly for the kids (not keto). Eggs for breakfast and breakfast for dinner and that top box is why hubby hopped on over to Walmart.

I knew Walmart had some Whole30 complaint meals so I had him grab one so we could see what it is all about! I think we will try one a week and if we think they are worth it I might grab a few so hubby can take one with him to work for lunch time! He eats in his truck but has a Portable oven with a car adapter so he can still enjoy hot meals on the go no matter where he is! These were pretty expensive though- one serving for $7.98 so they may be special lunches and not an every day thing. If you’ve tried these what’s your favorite?!

Green onions because I put those suckers on about everything, cilantro and parsley for ranch dressing and garnish, salad mix and balsamic Vinaigrette for our yummy salads later in the week, extra light oil for sauces (I feel like I’m constantly making mayo)! My family eats mayo like it’s going out of style! Living lettuce for Taco wraps, cabbage for soup and lettuce for burgers!

Bananas for the kids or whoever (not keto), strawberries for that yummy salad I keep bringing up because I’m looking forward to it 😂 and tomatoes for burgers! I think that about covers it!!

After hubby went to the store I decided to organize our produce area and coffee bar and I love the way it looks now!

You can find this produce stand (the newest less expensive version of it) by clicking here: Produce Stand

And I made our weekly dinner list

I bought this on Farmhouse Wares a couple of years ago!

I plan to go ahead and prep chili, the spaghetti meat sauce, and probably the soup as well. Then we will freeze some of it and bring it back out the day before we need it 😃

Hope everyone has a wonderful non icy cold weekend because we are headed into some seriously cold temps Saturday night!

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