About me

I am so glad you are here! Welcome to Lick Your Plate! My name is Lauren and I have found my passion in the kitchen whipping up healthy delicious meals that the whole family will enjoy! I am a regular mom and I stay home with two incredible kiddos that are full of energy and excitement 24/7.

My kids are 3 and 6 years old so finding delicious meals that they are excited about can be a challenge, but fear not! We have come up with dozens upon dozens of whole, healthy and clean meals that will have your kids and husband licking their plate!

How did I get here? That is a long story that we can dive deeper into later but the short version is that I have tried diet after diet after diet. It was a never ending cycle. When a good friend forced me into starting a Whole30 with her I rolled my eyes and agreed. Luckily we had two weeks or so before we started so I didn’t have to think about it much and I could continue on with my fast food, nightly pints of ice cream, and take out meals. I cleaned out my house of all of the junk food…..by eating it all in a very short time frame! <- not a good idea!! Then, I went shopping for the first time……OVERWHELMING! Picked up some chicken broth and it had so many crazy things in it! Picked up some chicken breasts, that has to be safe right? NO! carageenan?? Lunch meat has sugar? Why world, whyyyyyy?

“What are these words and why are they in my food??”

That shopping trip was such a shock, going home was a shock, the whole first 7 days were a shock! I could barely boil water, how was I supposed to cook three meals a day? What are the kids going to eat? What will my husband take to work? Who is going to feed me, I certainly can’t do it! How am I going to do all of these dishes? How do I know if I am doing this right?? Day by day, thats how! Taking each day a step at a time was key for us and before we knew it we had completed 30 days!

After our first full round of Whole30 (that we struggled through) we stepped on the scale and had amazing results! Our clothes were falling off and we felt like a million dollars. That is when we decided as a family that we would never go back to our old ways! Does that mean we never slip up? No. Sometimes we start slipping back into old habits and that is when we decide to do another Whole30, we are human okay?!

Our first round taught me some kitchen basics, how to destroy the kitchen in one meal, and how to use all of the pots and pans and utensils to make one sauce. I have been fine tuning my skills ever since and I want to share everything I have learned and taught myself with you! I have turned this daunting task of cooking 3 meals a day for 4 people into a hobby that I look forward to and enjoy and I hope to ignite the same passion in you or at least show you that clean healthy food doesn’t have to be plain chicken and raw broccoli!

I started an instagram page to document a full year of my fitness journey (before I knew about Whole30). It is called @fitwheel365  it kept me accountable and I could see my progress from the gym. Then Whole30 stormed into my life and that is when cooking become my focus instead of the gym. I started posting every single meal we made and had a great response! Then I started posting our meals and recipes, then our meal plans and grocery lists, and now also our grocery hauls. I have daily messages from strangers reaching out to me telling me how I have inspired them and thanking me for posting everything we do, asking for cookbooks, a blog, any place that it would be easier to sort through all of these recipes because Instagram just was not cutting it.  So,  Lick Your Plate was born!

Here you will find recipes that are Clean and Healthy and that fall into Whole30, Paleo, and Keto categories (except for some treats for the kids I will post every once in a while in a designated section). Most of our recipes actually fall into all three categories at once! How is that possible?? Well, hang around for a while and I will show you!

There is so much MORE to come because……we are just getting STARTED!